Prescott Health Clinic is a low cost health clinic providing preventative and immediate health care needs for patients 10 years and over.

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Prescott Health Clinic opened to provide quality, affordable health care to people without health insurance. We believe that preventative care is the key to long term health. Many people believe they cannot afford preventative health care, if you are one of them, give us a call. We have 43 dollar office visits and low cost lab work. We always discuss costs in advance.

People who have insurance with high deductibles or people that cannot be seen by their primary care provider in a timely fashion are welcome but we do not accept or process insurance of any kind. We accept payment by cash, credit or debit cards only at time of service.

Call early for same day appointments!



Examples of services we provide:




  • Simple illness such as sore throats, cough, sinusitis, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, skin infections as well as other minor conditions.

  • Minor injuries such as sprains, strains and lacerations.

  • We do General, Sports, Employment and School physicals, women’s exams, Pap Smears and STD testing.

  • We follow people with simple chronic disease such as Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Asthma and simple Depression.

  • CDL Exams (by appointment only)

We do not provide services for:

Chronic pain management, any type of Workman's Comp injuries, motor vehicle injuries or chronic back pain. Pregnancy/prenatal care, infant or toddler care or vaccines for minors. Complicated chronic diseases such as Type I Diabetes, Heart disease, Hyperthyroidism and COPD. Multiple chronic conditions requiring specialty care Psychiatric conditions such as Bipolar, Major Depression, Schizophrenia, Chronic Insomnia and Chronic Anxiety.

These lists are examples and not inclusive.

If you have questions as to whether PHC is able to help you, please give us a call.

We are closed Wednesdays, weekends and most major holidays. We are not on call. If you need to have a provider on call, this would not be a facility for your care.

Low Cost

Most office visits are $43.00. Extended visits with multiple concerns are $52.00.

Certain physicals are at increased prices:

  • CDL (certified by the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners): $80.00
  • In depth pre-employment exams $52.00
  • Women’s exam with pap $89.00
  • General physical with discussion of lab results $52.00

The cost of specialty care such as suturing of lacerations, wound and burn care is dependent on the size and severity.


We look forward to helping you.


We do not accept or process insurance of any kind, including Medicare and AHCCCS.
We only accept payment by cash, credit or debit cards at time of service.



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